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Oatmeal Brands, Ranked From Worst To Best
16. Better Oats
With more than 18 types of Better Oats, including Apple Cinnamon, Maple & Brown Sugar, and Blueberry Muffin flavors, it's clear the brand is focused on making a warm porridge that everyone will love. Their variety is appreciated, but the quality is inconsistent across the entire range.
15. Bear Naked
Bear Naked is criticized for thinge like a chemical odor and portions that aren’t filling enough to be considered breakfast, with one Amazon reviewer referring to it as downright "tiny." Between the taste and quantity, this is an instant oatmeal that needs some tweaking before it can be recommended.
14. One Degree
One Degree’s oatmeal is sprouted, which comes with a handful of benefits, such as being easier to digest and lower in calories, sodium, and fat. So, if you're looking to sample the benefits of sprouted oatmeal, this is a good risk to take, but be prepared to adjust for the often off putting scent.
13. Great Value
Great Value offers enough of a bargain to make it a better choice than other oatmeal companies, but a good deal often requires compromises. These certainly aren't the worst oats you'll ever taste, but they also won't be the best, with uncreative flavors that don't pop as they should.
12. Mush
Mush makes readily consumable oatmeal that comes in dessert tastes like vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and a few berry flavors, which all tend to be hit or miss. There's no need to add water or heat any of them. Think of Mush as overnight oats served at room temperature or colder.