Bar of New York's first speakeasy, Fat Tiger
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NYC's First Dry Speakeasy Is Hidden Behind An East Village Cafe
Hidden behind a shelf of coffee beans in Cafe Joah in the East Village is a secret door that leads to New York's first non-alcoholic speakeasy, Fat Tiger.
The vibe is sexy and fun, and owner Cliff Cho told Tasting Table, "We're looking to attract people who are open-minded and appreciate good drinks, food, and music."
Fat Tiger carries about three dozen non-alcoholic products, and Beverage Director, Andres Cabrera, told Tasting Table that their goal is to "elevate the sober experience."
Cabrera said, "Most mocktails are all juice and sugar [...] It's disrespectful to those who want to enjoy a nice cocktail without the cons of consuming alcohol."
"I create dry cocktails that are well-balanced [...] taste great, and a lot of the time make you feel good about what you are putting into your body," Cabrera added.
Cabrera's cocktails include an ashwagandha-infused take on an espresso martini and a zero-proof Old Fashioned (or "No Fashioned") made with everything bagel simple syrup.
"Ultimately, we're trying to set a great vibe and an ideal option for people to 'go out' without the pressure of having to consume alcohol," says owner Cliff Cho.