Classic margarita cocktail with salty rim. Isolated on white background
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NYC's Double Chicken Please Makes Cocktail Versions Of Classic Dishes
GN Chan and Faye Chen, two Taiwanese immigrants are the owners of Double Chicken Please, which began as a mobile experience before opening its doors in 2020 in New York's Lower East Side. They quickly gained a reputation for their cocktails with never-before-seen flavors, based on dishes like ramen and Waldorf salad.
Along with an unusual origin story, Double Chicken Please is famous for cocktails that travel beyond the flavors you would expect. One cocktail mimics the flavors of mango sticky rice, using ingredients like Bacardi Ocho, sticky rice tea, cold brew, mango, and coconut, while another mimics cold pizza using ingredients like tomato, basil, burnt toast, and parmesan.
Founder GN Chan — who has a history both with industrial design and music — says his favorite drink is the French Toast, which includes a 3D printed chocolate mold that demonstrates his design background. When describing the drink, he says: “When guests enjoy the drink… they are effectively drinking their french toast and eating their espresso martini."