Lasagna rolls with Beef, Spinach and Ricotta -Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb Camera
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NYC's Don Angie Is Known For Its Unique Lasagna Preparation
Lasagna is a comfort food like no other that also happens to be very customizable, and at New York City’s Italian restaurant Don Angie, they create one super unique lasagna: rather than laying flat, the casserole components are rolled up. On Instagram, chefs at Don Angie gave their followers a look at how they create this striking dish.
In the Instagram video, a chef coats a square sheet of fresh pasta dough with a creamy white béchamel sauce, sprinkles it with grated Parmesan, shreds mozzarella cheese over the top, adds another sheet of pasta, and coats the whole thing in Bolognese sauce. When rolled up tightly, the ingredients resemble a long pasta log.
Finally, the rolled-up pasta is sliced, baked, and topped with creamy robiola cheese. Don Angie’s uses house-made pasta and the sauces, but getting reservations at the restaurant is very difficult, so you can try your hand at following the Instagram video in your home kitchen with more convenient store-bought ingredients.