Nutella and banana french toast with syrup
Nutella French Toast Turns Into A Sweet Handheld Treat When You Roll Up The Bread
While traditional Nutella French toast is delicious, the oozing Nutella filling can be very messy. Rolled Nutella French toast offers an elegant, mess-free alternative.
One advantage of rolled French toast is it doesn't require a knife and fork. You can pick up these delightful treats and eat them out of hand, but they still look beautiful.
Rolled Nutella French toast is an excellent choice for breakfast gatherings or special occasions, and all you need is bread and Nutella spread.
Lay out your bread slices on a clean surface and spread a light layer of Nutella across each slice. Leave a border on the edges and carefully roll each slice into a tight spiral.
Dip each roll in your egg-based French toast mixture and cook in a pan. Transfer the golden rolls to a plate and serve them hot with powdered sugar, maple syrup, or whipped cream.