Bottle of soy sauce isolated on a white background
Not Seasoning Your Soy Sauce Is A Complete Waste Of Delicious Opportunity
When using soy sauce as a condiment, rather than cooking it into a stew or stir-fry, try adding sweetness and umami by seasoning it with garlic, shallots, or green onions.
Soy sauce seasoned with alliums is much more flavorful. It's delicious when drizzled over fish, scallops, noodles, eggs, dumplings, tofu, soup, and fried rice.
You can further customize your mixture with different types of soy sauce, like Cantonese-style, which focuses on sweet and umami flavorings like sugar and MSG.
You can also try Sichuan- or Japanese-style soy. To flavor the sauce, simmer it on the stove with your aromatics for up to an hour to thicken, giving it a rich flavor and texture.