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Noisette: The Cherished French Coffee Drink You Should Try
From Irish coffee with whiskey to Vietnamese coffee with sweetened condensed milk, there’s a coffee drink to satisfy any craving. While you probably already have a favorite coffee order, sometimes it’s worth switching things up and trying a new specialty coffee like the café noisette.
Café noisette is a specialty of France, and upon seeing and tasting it you might get a sense of familiarity because, in essence, it’s the same as a macchiato. A noisette is an espresso with a touch of foamed milk on top, which turns into a hazelnut color when combined, hence the name “noisette.”
Café noisette is a nice alternative to a simple espresso because the strong flavor of the espresso is smoothed out by the creaminess of the foam. While you're free to travel to France for a café noisette, it’s simple enough to make at home with an espresso maker and milk frother.