Glass bottle with lemonade and blue straw
Nimbu Pani Is The Supreme Thirst-Quenching Drink You Need To Know
Summer is in full swing, and if you're bored of sipping on iced tea and lemonade, the perfect beverage to beat the heat is the refreshing South Asian drink nimbu pani.
Nimbu pani, or “lemon/lime water” in Hindi, is a blend of citrus juice, spices, salt, water, and optional sugar. This drink is enjoyed across South Asia, from Nepal to Bangladesh.
Nimbu pani is sold in many forms. In Delhi, it's a bottled, fizzy soda, while in Kolkata, vendors sell lime syrup, mint, and soda water separately for people to mix themselves.
When making nimbu pani, you can use lemons or limes, though young, green lemons are traditional. You’ll also need a volcanic rock salt called kala namak, or black salt.
You can squeeze your citrus or peel and puree it in a blender until frothy. Mix the juice with black salt and a bit of sugar, then pour over ice and garnish with mint leaves.
You can get creative with the recipe by blending in some mint, ginger juice, or coconut water, or make the drink more savory with spices like coriander, cumin, or chaat masala.