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New Study Reveals The Safest Way To Wash Raw Chicken
Despite the USDA and CDC cautioning against it — as it’s an easy way to spread harmful bacteria like salmonella — many insist on washing raw chicken before cooking. For those who are stuck in their ways and find raw poultry unappetizing, a new study from Physics of Fluids shows some best practices.
The distance between the faucet and the raw chicken being washed determines the degree of splash, and thus poses the greatest potential for spreading harmful bacteria. Two other factors the study says consumers should be aware of are the intensity of water flow and the surface texture of the chicken being washed.
As a result of these findings, it's suggested that anyone dead-set on washing raw chicken hold it close to the faucet and turn the water on slowly to prevent a strong impact. Be sure to also follow the USDA's guidelines for properly sanitizing your sink and any surrounding surfaces after washing raw poultry.