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New Study Finds COVID Can Survive On Food And Packaging
With the coronavirus impacting all facets of food, many people wondered whether the items they bought at the grocery store could risk their safety. Now, a 2022 study carried out by the University of Southampton in conjunction with the Food Standards Agency confirms the virus can survive on food and packaging but with varying survival rates.
The study found that foods like croissants, olives, and apples showed a decrease in the level of the virus within hours; however, items like ham and cheese displayed high levels of the virus even after a week. All packaging materials displayed a significant drop in contamination over 24 hours, even in humid conditions.
The new findings confirm that most goods and packaging materials pose little risk to well-being as rates of viral contamination typically plummet within the first 24 hours. You can minimize the risk even further by washing your hands before and after handling food and its packaging and by regularly disinfecting kitchen surfaces.