Martini in a glass next to fruit and herbs on a dark tray
New Orleans' 25-Cent Martini Is A Tradition That Still Lives On Today
Based on a 1950s Howard Johnson's cocktail menu, martinis were going for just 25 cents in the mid-20th century, and you can still find this price at a place in New Orleans.
Commander's Palace offers a weekday lunch special that includes up to three 25-cent martinis per person. To be clear, these are not mini-martinis, but full-size martinis.
This 20-plus-year tradition connects to Brennan's, which opened in 1946 and became known for its 25-cent martinis. The business expanded to include Commander's Palace in 1969.
In the late 1990s, when ownership passed to another generation, the 25-cent martinis were introduced at Commander's Palace and are still drawing crowds more than 20 years later.