High angle view of freshly grilled hot dogs with various condiments like barbecue sauce, pickles and dried onions for the 4th July celebration
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New England’s Traditional 4th Of July Meal Is Like No Other
Different parts of the United States like to add their own unique flair to the Fourth of July celebrations, from fireworks over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to a hot dog eating competition in Coney Island. However, in the area where the famed American revolution events themselves took place, New England celebrates in a way that no one expected.
For New Englanders, serving salmon with a heaping portion of peas on July 4th is a tradition. The states that make up New England have access to the Atlantic Ocean's rivers, and during America’s founding, had an estimated 300,000 salmon in them throughout the summer months, providing a superb meal supply for all New Englanders.
While salmon quantities have declined since the Industrial Revolution, both to tradition and new food sourcing, the 4th of July ritual of salmon and peas is still practiced throughout New England. So instead of eating hot dogs on July 4th, do something new and swap them out for some delectable salmon and peas.