An egg on toast on a plate next to cherry tomatoes
Never Toss Out Tomato Seeds Again With This Tasty Egg Sandwich
Tomatoes are a vital part of salads and sandwiches, but the soggy seeds can be messy. Rather than de-seeding tomatoes and throwing out the pulp, use the seeds in this tasty dish.
@foodiefriendamanda on TikTok shared a recipe for a no-waste tomato seed omelet sandwich. Cook the tomato seeds into a paste, add eggs, scramble it, and put the lid on the pan.
Let the omelet steam until set, put it on bread, fold it over, and garnish with your favorite toppings, including the tomato flesh, if you haven't used it in another recipe.
In the video, the creator serves the omelet on thin toast with cream cheese. Try a Middle Eastern and Mediterranean version with brioche, challah, harissa mayo and pickles.
You can also go Southern with green tomato seeds, salt, and pimento cheese in a biscuit or Texas toast. For yet another twist, make a tomato omelet quesadilla.
Season the omelet with cilantro, chili powder, cumin, and pepper while it cooks, then serve it with cheese, jalapeños, and avocado in a tortilla.