Two stacked sandwiches with tomato, egg, cucumber, and ham
Never Suffer Through A Soggy Tomato Sandwich With One Easy Step
Tomato sandwiches are simple and delicious, but the moisture in tomatoes and mayonnaise can turn your sandwich soggy. To combat this, try toasting the bread beforehand.
Simply put the bread slices in the toaster until golden brown, then take them out and go about making your meal as usual. It won’t take away from your sandwich’s flavor.
While toasting counteracts tomato sandwich norms, you may want to adhere to tradition in choosing your bread. A loaf of thick, white sandwich bread is a classic choice.
Once your bread is toasted, add some mayonnaise; the amount will depend on your preferences, but about a teaspoon should do the trick. Then, layer on a few slices of ripe tomatoes.
Lastly, consider adding a touch of sea salt and ground black pepper. It will do wonders for your sandwich by enhancing the sweet and acidic flavors of the tomatoes.