Fried eggs in a pan
Never Ruin Yolks Again With This Simple Egg-Flipping Trick
If you always break the yolks on fried eggs when you try to flip them, TikTok has a solution. Instead of struggling with a spatula, flip them using the lid of the pan.
All you need to do is slide the eggs onto the lid, flip the skillet, press the lid against the surface, and flip the whole thing over again. Place the pan back on the stove to finish cooking.
For an easy flip, spray the lid with non-stick spray before adding the eggs on top. If the eggs stick to the skillet when you try to remove them, let them cook for a little longer.
This trick is great for flipping multiple eggs at the same time, or making picture-perfect breakfast sandwiches. It works for eggs over easy, fried eggs, and even omelets.