bowls of different kinds of soups
Never Order Soup From These 8 Chain Restaurants
Romano’s Macaroni Grill
This chain's tomato basil soup is a watered-down, monotonous conglomeration. Some reviewers have declared the soup as being devoid of flavor.
The chili at Chili’s should be good, but it isn’t. There are no beans or tomatoes in the recipe, just beef, onions, and a blend of spices, resulting in an off taste.
Red Lobster
This chain's New England clam chowder is a mess. Customers say the spuds outnumber the clams and that the soup is watery, runny, and very salty.
BJ’s Restaurants
This chicken tortilla soup resembles a bowlful of dishwater with various-colored floaters. The salty taste and lack of chicken in the soup is equally off-putting.
Jason’s Deli
This chain's broccoli cheese soup is considered one of their worst dishes. It is either too watery or too dense, and the flavor is overly buttery.