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Never Ignore These Signs From Your Old Toaster Oven
We all like to think that kitchen appliances will last forever, but they do break down over time. Some appliances, like toaster ovens, can be recycled, but it's hard to tell when it's time for a replacement; here are some warning signs that your toaster oven is on the fritz.
While rust isn’t harmful to consume, it can corrode the interior of your toaster oven and form holes, hindering your cooking attempts and leading to dangerous situations. You can keep rust in check by mixing baking soda and vinegar, then using a plastic brush and sandpaper to remove the rust.
Fire Starters
Starting a fire is a risk with any electrical appliance, but toasters and toaster ovens are among the top five most common appliances to catch fire. Overcooking your food and using an extension cord are common yet avoidable sources of toaster oven fires, but fraying cords and sparks are signs to toss your oven.
Cracked Glass
If your toaster oven has cracked glass or an ill-fitting door, it’s time to replace it. The purpose of the glass isn’t to give you a view of the food, but to contain heat; a cracked door lets heat escape and diminishes the efficiency of your oven, and the glass can shatter if you try to use your oven after cleaning it.