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Never Forget This Crucial Step When Making Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled eggs are always a fantastic option for a calm morning breakfast or a quick and creative evening. However, even though scrambled eggs can save the day at lunchtime in a pinch, there is one step that is essential to never overlook while making scrambled eggs.
Executive chef of Le Coq Rico in New York City, Lucile Plaza, advises whisking the eggs in a bowl before adding them to the skillet if you want to avoid dense, rubbery eggs. Instead of using a whisk, which has a tendency to add too much air and toughen your eggs, Fine Dining Lovers advises using a fork.
Whipping egg whites break apart tightly tangled proteins, and when those proteins loosen, they wrap around the air bubbles you just introduced as you whipped, trapping air inside your fresh-fluffed eggs. It's a minor change but has a big impact on getting the recognizable airy mouthfeel.