An appetizing grilled cheese hot out of the skillet
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Never Eat Soggy Grilled Cheese Again With This Chopstick Trick
A grilled cheese sandwich is beautiful in its simplicity, and many eaters prefer their sandwiches to be as crispy as possible. If you’ve ever taken a bite of a homemade grilled cheese to discover that it has become soggy, you need to try this trick using chopsticks, once you've removed the sandwich from the pan.
Grilled cheeses tend to go soggy when they're left to sit on a plate, since steam from the hot sandwich gets trapped against the plate, softening the bread. To prevent this, grab a pair of chopsticks, lay them parallel to each other on your plate, and place your sandwich on top so it can cool while staying elevated.
Airflow is the key to making sure foods stay crisp, and this chopstick setup makes a great easy alternative to a cooling rack. This method also works on warm sandwiches besides grilled cheeses, like paninis, BLTs, tuna melts, or open-faced sandwiches where only the bottom side of a single slice of bread is toasted.