Chorizo torta sandwich cut in half
Never Eat A Messy Sandwich Again With An Easy Lettuce Hack
Sandwiches with a lot of fillings often make for a messy eating experience, but you can keep things clean by wrapping a piece of lettuce around one side of your sandwich.
This creates a "net" that stops ingredients from sliding out and onto your plate. As always, lettuce also provides a nice, fresh crunch and some extra vitamins and minerals.
The lettuce also prevents the bread from becoming soggy by keeping it away from wet or juicy fillings. This preserves the bread's crunchiness and texture.
You’ll want to use large, sturdy lettuce leaves like romaine or iceberg, and ensure that they're free from blemishes. Start by placing a lettuce leaf on a piece of bread.
Leave half of the leaf hanging off the bottom edge of the bread. Place the toppings on the leaf and wrap the hanging half over them before adding the other piece of bread on top.