"Istanbul, Turkey - December 16, 2011: A green Nespresso coffee capsule, isolated on white. Nespresso is an operating unit of the Nestle Group based in Switzerland."
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Nestlé's Nespresso Plans To Pilot Paper Capsules In Europe
Due to environmental concerns over one-use instant beverage "pods," often made of plastic or metal, some companies are taking steps towards more sustainable, compostable products. Nestlé, in particular, is working to adjust how coffee pods for their Nespresso machines are made, with market testing set to begin in early 2023.
Food Dive reports that Nespresso will test new paper-based capsules in France and Switzerland. Currently, Nespresso capsules are made of 80% recycled aluminum, and spent capsules can then be recycled again at specific collection points owned by Nestlé, but this method is a hassle for many customers.
Nestlé's new compostable capsules are made from compressed wood fiber pulp, which can be disposed of in one's own home instead of at collection sites. Nestlé reassures customers that coffee made from these capsules will still taste the same, and the product may expand beyond Europe if the company finds success.