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Nestlé's AI Cookie Expert Is Named In Honor Of The Toll House Founder
In 2021, Nestlé, in partnership with Soul Machines, introduced Ruth, a “digital human” who helps customers make the perfect Toll House cookie. Per Nestle USA’s head of digital strategy and innovation, Ruth’s AI allows her to “provide a step-by-step overview,” as well as “make customizations based on dietary and personal preferences.”
Also known as the Nestlé Cookie Coach, Ruth’s name is in reference to the company’s past. She is named after Ruth Wakefield, who opened the first Toll House bakery with her husband in the 1930s and invented the classic chocolate chip cookie, the recipe for which is still printed on every bag of Nestlé Chocolate Chips.
Ruth Wakefield passed away in 1977, but her essence lives on in Cookie Coach Ruth, who was designed to be empathetic, thoughtful, patient, unbiased, and non-judgemental. Customer feedback has been positive, with 84% of people who completed a post-encounter survey indicating they’d call on Cookie Coach Ruth again.