The streets of the capital, Hanoi, and especially the largest city, Ho Chi Minh City bustle with enthusiasm and business energy. The abandonment of socialist economics and its gradual replacement by limited market-oriented capitalism has been welcomed by the populace. People everywhere are angling to make money, and the streets are filled with small-scale private enterprises selling all manner of items. (Photo by: Pictures From History/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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Nem Lụi Huế: The Vietnamese Pork Street Food Specialty You Need To Try
Different kinds of delicious street food can be found all throughout Vietnam, and one popular dish is Nem Lụi Huế. The term Nem Lụi generally refer to spring rolls with ground pork, but the version from the city of Huế grills the pork using aromatic lemongrass skewers and serves the final dish with a creamy peanut dipping sauce.
To make Nem Lụi Huế, pork is ground into a paste and marinated for around 30 minutes in fish sauce, black pepper, onion, pork skin, garlic, and/or shallots. The pork is shaped around a lightly crushed stick of citrusy lemongrass and grilled on a coal stove for a hint of char, then the meat is placed onto a piece of rice paper.
The pork is topped with garnishes, the lemongrass skewer is removed, and the whole thing is rolled up in the rice paper for the finished package. The rolls are served with the aforementioned peanut sauce and pickled fruits and vegetables, and you can use your hands to dip each roll in the sauce for an authentic Nem Lụi Huế experience.