Freshly baked chocolate brownies sitting on a grey slate background. Salt flakes are scattered across the brownies. One has been taken, leaving an empty space and crumbs.
Mustard Is The Unexpected Addition For Super Rich Brownies
While mustard is normally slathered over deli meats and whisked into salad dressings, it can also elevate your fudgy brownie recipe.
According to food journalist, author, and advanced cicerone Mandy Naglich, mustard's tartness can amplify the bitter, earthy cocoa flavors in brownies.
Additionally, working mustard into brownies can juxtapose their overall sweetness while adding another facet of flavor and improving texture.
As opposed to basic yellow mustard, experiment with more complex mustards, such as a sharp dijon or spiced brown mustard, to complement the warm toastiness of cocoa.
You can also use sweet or gourmet mustards to bring even more nuanced flavor to your brownie mix. When first incorporating mustard, it's best to start with a basic brownie batter.
This way, you can better gauge flavors and adapt. Otherwise, recipes with simple additions like chopped walnuts, dark chocolate chunks, or flecks of sea salt can fare well, too.
Since mustard is quite potent, using no more than a dollop should do the trick. However, as always, you can adjust the amount based on your preference.