Pate in glass dish topped with slices of toast
Mushrooms Make A Splendidly Rich And Creamy Meatless Pâté
Ditching meat doesn't mean you have to give up on rich, delicious pâté. You can make a vegan version with a creamy texture by using mushrooms, flavorings, and a bit of fat.
Mushroom pâté is quick and easy to make in a food processor. Tasting Table's Michelle Bottalico's recipe uses mushrooms, almonds, butter or oil, white wine, and aromatics.
White button mushrooms provide the most neutral base for any flavorings you like, or get creative with more boldly-flavored varieties, like king oysters or porcinis.
For a creamy texture, mix the mushrooms and other ingredients with olive oil (to keep it vegan) or butter or ghee (for extra richness). Almonds add more fat and heft to the spread.
You can also experiment with using walnuts and pine nuts for added depth. The veggies in the pâté are sauteed first, then the spread is finished in the food processor or blender.
This pâté disappears quickly when served with appetizers at your dinner party. Consider making a batch in advance, as the flavors meld over time and make it taste even better.