Sliced mushroom and walnut stromboli with a cup of marinara sauce
Mushrooms And Walnuts Make For Hearty Meatless Stromboli
Mushrooms and walnuts are a popular substitute for meat, and when you roll them up in homemade dough baked with cheese inside and out, you're left with an amazing stromboli.
Mushrooms bring the flavor punch of umami and a meaty texture. Walnuts contribute crunch and an underlying savoriness with a hint of bitterness that balances the rich cheese.
To make this light yet satisfying stromboli, knead the yeasted dough by hand or in a mixer, and prepare the mushroom and walnut filling while the dough rises for an hour.
Let the mixture cool and drain excess moisture before rolling out the dough. Shape it into a rectangle, scatter mozzarella, add the filling, and top it off with more cheese.
The cheese will bind everything together without weighing it down. While some vegetarian fillings can be mushy, this one provides both good texture and great taste.