Raw king oyster mushrooms and vegetables, spices and soy sauce close-up on the board. vertical
Mushroom Soy Sauce Is The Underrated Umami Bomb You Need To Have
If you’re a frequent user of soy sauce, or variations like gluten-free tamari or white Chiro sauce, you have to try rich and umami-forward mushroom soy sauce.
Mushroom soy sauce is a flavored dark soy sauce. The dark soy, which is thicker than regular, is fermented for longer and enriched with sweeteners, then enhanced with mushrooms.
The sauce is often flavored with Asian straw mushrooms, though other mushrooms can be used, like Chinese black or shiitake mushrooms, which result in a smokier flavor.
The earthy umami flavor of the mushrooms pairs well with the sweet brininess of the dark soy. This delicious sauce can even be used in place of oyster sauce or fish sauce.
Mushroom soy sauce can be found at Asian grocery stores or online, and can be put to use in Asian dishes, marinades, pasta dishes, or simply used as a savory dipping sauce.
While mushroom soy sauce is sweeter than many other soy sauces, it still has a high sodium content of 9.5% and is quite salty, so it should be used in small amounts at a time.