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Most Of The World's Yogurt Comes From This Country
The globe over, from India to Alaska, Denmark to South Africa, yogurt is a delectable dish that has long been recognized as a superior source of nourishment. There’s no question about yogurt's popularity, but no region indulges in yogurt as much as the Arabian Peninsula.
According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Saudi Arabia produced 193,542 tonnes of yogurt in 2019, making it the global leader for dairy products. Saudi Arabia produces over 70% of the world's yogurt with the runner-up being Mongolia, only producing 39,360 tonnes in comparison.
The main yogurt products made in the Middle Eastern country are a yogurt-based drink called laban, a fermented yogurt called zabady, and a condensed yogurt called labni. Over the last few years, Saudi Arabia has seen a significant increase in domestic yogurt demand due to citizens incorporating dairy into their daily diets, which allowed the market to grow.