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Most Of The World's Wheat Comes From This Country
Growth And Consumption
It isn’t much of a surprise to learn that the leader in international wheat production is the most populous of all countries. China grew an estimated 2.4 billion tons of wheat between 2000 and 2020, 17% of the world's total supply, although they were also responsible for 19% of global wheat consumption.
The Largest Exporter
Although China produces more wheat than any other country, its demand for wheat is so high that it also imports the most of any nation. On the other end of the spectrum, wheat's largest exporter is Russia, with 19.5% of global exports, and Russia also exports massive quantities of barley, corn, and oats as well.
The Future Of Wheat
The growing severity of droughts and flooding around the world is a major cause for concern. The severity of the climate crisis means that wheat yields might rise in regions like Europe, while places such as South Asia will see less wheat production, increasing their reliance on imports.