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Most Of The World's Tuna Comes From This Country
While some eaters don't like fish, while others don't eat animal protein at all, World Wildlife says that seafood is the largest traded food commodity in the world, and over 3 billion people use it as their main source of protein. You may wonder how the industry keeps up with demand, especially with tuna, the most popular fish in the world.
Indonesia is the nation to thank for producing more tuna than any other country. In 2016, The Asean Post reported that Indonesia produced 17.9% of the world's tuna output, and the country exported $325.4 million worth of the fish in 2021; Indonesia also prioritizes the protection of marine resources and has cut down on illegal poaching.
Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 islands between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, meaning there’s a lot of water to fish from, and is also located on the equator, where fish flock in large numbers. The Philippines, the second-largest producer of tuna, produced 6.1% of the world's total output in 2016, compared to Indonesia's 17.9%.