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Most Of The World's Sugar Comes From This Country
Sugar made from sugarcane plants accounts for 80% of all sugar produced worldwide, with the other 20% coming from alternative sources like beets and corn. Since U.S. citizens notoriously consume a lot of the sweet stuff, you may assume their country grows the most sugarcane and processes the most sugar, but think again.
The United States is predicted to produce around 8.2 million metric tons of sugar in 2022, but Brazil far surpasses this amount, with an expected 36.4 million metric tons. The South American country may take the crown for producing the most sugar, but India is right on its tail, with an expected 35.8 million metric tons.
Compared to the United States, Thailand and China also yield more sugar on average per year. Sugarcane is a tropical plant that thrives in climates found in all of these previously mentioned countries, and the plant grows faster, longer and healthier in nations with more widespread equatorial temperatures.