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Most Of The World's String Beans Come From This Country
The string bean is an exceedingly popular green vegetable that is enjoyed all around the world, and has been sold fresh, canned, frozen, and pickled for decades. While string beans are featured in countless international cuisines, one country takes the crown as the biggest grower of green beans in the world.
The United States is the number one producer of string beans, and produced about 830,000 tons in 2020, followed by Mexico at a mere 133,000 tons. Wisconsin is the U.S. state that is responsible for nearly 40% of the country's total string bean output, which is impressive, given the state's relatively small size.
In 2021, Beef2Live reported that Wisconsin produced 669.3 million pounds of string beans, with runners-up including New York, Michigan, and Oregon. The Wisconsin bean harvest takes place during July, August, and September, just in time for home cooks to start whipping up autumnal green bean casseroles and other dishes.