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Most Of The World's Saffron Comes From This Country
Saffron, a spice harvested from the crocus sativus flower, is prized for its inimitable flavor and ability to color foods in beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. Saffron is also known for its very labor-intensive growing and harvesting process, but one country has overcome adversity and truly excels in producing this precious spice.
Saffron thrives in hot, dry climates like those found in Spain, Afghanistan, and India, but Iran produces a whopping 90% of the world's total saffron output. The country dedicates over 115,000 hectares of land to saffron production, and grew around 430 tons in 2019 alone; the runner-up, India, only produced 22 tons that year.
Saffron is also the most expensive spice in the world, and can be priced as high as $10,000 per kilogram, as reported by Insider. Naturally, saffron is more accessible and widely-used in Iran, whose residents have cultivated the spice for over 3,000 years, and today, the country exports this coveted ingredient to over 65 other nations.