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Most Of The World's Rice Comes From This Country
Rice is the most commonly-eaten food in the world, and can be found in almost every country's cuisine; it is also the most important source of carbohydrates for some populations. It's clear that many nations around the world enjoy and depend on rice, but one country is the reigning leader of both rice production and consumption.
China grew the most rice in 2021, producing 212.84 million metric tons in total. Rice is an important staple in Chinese cuisines and can be found in thousands of traditional dishes, and the country's population eats up to 30% of the world’s total rice output; Chine even imports rice from other countries to keep up with demand.
Rice also originated in China, then spread to other places like Sri Lanka, India, the Mediterranean, and eventually Central and South America. Asia grows 90% of the world’s rice, since the grain requires lots of water and marshy growing conditions that can be found in tropical, semitropical, and temperate climates throughout the continent.