Food: Closeup of French fries from Fuku Chicken during photo shoot at Madison Square Garden.
New York, NY 10/3/2017
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Most Of The World's Potatoes Come From This Country
The average American may scarf down french fries and potato chips on a regular basis, but the origin of the potatoes used to make these foods are likely a mystery to the average consumer. The country that produces most of the world's potatoes may not be a country you associate with this starchy vegetable.
China leads the pack in potato production, producing a whopping 78 million tons in 2020, with the second-place finisher, India, producing only 51 million tons. Though they do dominate the industry, Chinese potato farmers face difficulties obtaining an adequate water supply and processing their potatoes.
China’s crop makes up about 25% of the world's supply of potatoes, and the average Chinese citizen eats about 40 kilograms of potatoes per year. Despite the aforementioned agricultural issues, half of the average household income in Mongolia and Shanxi provinces comes from selling potatoes.