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Most Of The World's Pineapple Comes From This Country
First We Feast named the pineapple the best of all fruits in 2017, with people eating 7 pounds per capita in that year. Such a large amount of pineapple consumption needs an equally large amount of production, and only one country supplies 90% of the world's pineapples.
Costa Rica grows 75% of all pineapples in Europe, contributing to the country's $1.22 billion export fruit industry in 2015. With a yearly production of 3,328,100 tonnes, Costa Rica produces more pineapple than the second-largest producer, the Philippines, which produces 2.7 million tons.
Since pineapples are always in season, almost 90% of the pineapples consumed in the US come from Costa Rica. The country has two distinct seasons—a rainy season and a dry season—but even the dry season is humid enough to support the growth of pineapples.