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Most Of The World's Peanuts Come From This Country
Peanuts are the world’s most well-known nuts and can be eaten straight from the shell, blended into peanut butter, or used in a countless array of sweet and savory dishes. While many countries around the world feature peanuts in their cuisine, there's one country that produces so many peanuts that other nations can't even keep up.
China is number one when it comes to peanut production, and Statista reports the country produced a whopping 18.3 million tons in 2021. India is in second place, though according to a 2016 report from WorldAtlas, the nation produced roughly 6.8 tons of peanuts that year, meaning they're likely still far behind China today.
While peanuts are a huge part of Chinese cuisine and the country's economy, Chinese peanut production could fall by up to 30% in 2022, due to droughts and extreme weather affecting local crops. However, it's unlikely that the country will lose the title of the top peanut producer, even with climate woes.