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Most Of The World's Goat Milk Comes From This Country
The animal that comes to mind when you think of milk is probably the cow, but goat milk has been used for just as long and has gained more mainstream popularity in recent years. There’s one country that really recognizes the value of both cow's milk and goat's milk products, and produces more milk than any other nation in the world.
India produced 5,400,000 tons of goat milk in 2019 alone, and the second largest producer, Bangladesh, isn't very close to the leader, with a smaller output of 2,750,000 tons. Goats are easier to maintain than cattle, and their milk is much more affordable in India, making it an important source of nourishment for the country's population.
Science Alert reports that Indian farmers raise around twenty different goat breeds, and the Jamumapuri, Barbari, Beetal, Surti, and Jakhrana are the best breeds for high-quality milk. Goat's milk is worth seeking out, since it's easier to digest for those with lactose intolerance or other issues, and also contains plenty of vitamins and minerals.