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Most Of The World's Cilantro Comes From This Country
Global food enthusiasts love the aromatic smell and fresh citrusy taste of cilantro, which features in many Latin American, Caribbean, and Asian dishes, particularly ones from India, Vietnam, and Thailand. From chutneys to curries, you'll find hints of the tangy herb in diverse recipes.
Two different production markets exist — one for the cultivation and export of coriander seeds and the other for producing, harvesting, and potentially exporting cilantro leaves. The top exporter of coriander seeds in 2019 was India, followed by the European Union, Italy, the Russian Federation, and Bulgaria.
However, the United States and Mexico serve as the most prolific growing regions for the plant and its resulting cilantro leaves. While Mexico exports the most cilantro, the United States actually produces more — particularly in California, where cilantro grows year-round.