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Most Of The World's Canned Sardines Come From This Country
One of the most popular tinned fish options is the humble sardine. The small fish are a great option to have lightly dressed with some crackers, on a salad, or in a tuna salad, and while some of the finest tinned sardines come from the Iberian Peninsula, the majority come from somewhere else.
The North African country of Morocco produces more than 850,000 tons of canned sardines annually, which makes up more than half of the world's sardine supply. Executive Manager of Moroccan canned sardine producer MIDAV Mehdi Dhaloomal reports that Morocco has "exclusive" access to the sardine species sardina pilchardus walbaum, otherwise known as the pilchard sardine.
Pilchard sardines are only found near southern Morocco and Bretagne, France, where they are caught between summer and fall, and are known for their delicate flavor and firm texture. Moroccan sardines are quite common in the United Kingdom, where they make up 60% of the country's sardine supply.