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Most Of The World’s Black Beans Come From This Country
60% of our world's current food supply originated from the Americas. These foods include corn, beans, tomatoes, squashes, and so many more fruits and vegetables that give us the nutrients we now rely on to survive. One of the most remarkable and delicious of these is the black bean.
To this day, black beans are still predominantly grown in South America, specifically in the country of Brazil, which grew 438,240 tons of black beans in 2021, which was a remarkable leap upward from the year before. Not only do Brazilians farm most of the world's beans, but they eat most of them too!
Beans are a huge part of Brazil's culinary scene, and the feijoada — a black bean and beef stew — is the country's national dish. Today, the black bean is mixed with soups, stews, meats, and rice and provides those who eat it with high fiber, protein, vitamins, and other nutritional benefits.