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Most Beef In The US Comes From This Breed Of Cattle
Beef is a true American staple: Statista reports that the U.S. produced 27.17 billion pounds of meat in 2022, making it the largest beef producer and consumer in the world. Many different breeds of cow are raised in the U.S., but you may be surprised to learn that a majority of American beef comes from one breed.
According to AGDAILY, Black Angus is the most popular cattle breed in the United States, with over 304,577 cows registered in 2019. These cows, which have charcoal-black coats, no horns, and can weigh up to 1,300 pounds, are known to produce flavorful and well-marbled beef that is perfect for stews, sous-vide steak, and more.
Angus cows now make up 70% of American herds, and the U.S Department of Agriculture grades Angus and other beef by categorizing products as “Prime,” “Choice,” or another ranking. Prime Angus is especially well-marbled and fantastic for broiling, roasting, and grilling, whereas Choice Angus has less marbling but is super tender.