Top view of wooden spoon full of rock sea salt on salt crystal.
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Morton's Vs. Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt: What's The Texture Difference?
A pinch of salt can transform meals and drinks, but deciding which salt to buy and telling the difference between brands can be difficult. Morton’s and Diamond Crystal brands are two of the most common kosher salts in America, but despite the similar labeling of these products, their textures are quite different.
Morton’s kosher salt is denser and saltier than Diamond Crystal's, meaning you should use a light hand. Food & Wine suggests adding this kind of salt slowly and giving it a moment to dissolve before tasting the food; kosher salt takes longer to dissolve than non-kosher varieties, so you won’t taste the full saltiness immediately.
Diamond Crystal has a light and crumbly texture, and the granules dissolve faster, so saltiness in your food will come out sooner; this brand of salt also sticks to meat and other ingredients more readily. Lastly, if you're measuring salt by volume and want to replace one brand with another, you'll need to make adjustments,