A stack of brownies
More Chocolate Is The Only Ingredient You Require For Better Brownies
Brownies can be customized in many ways, and it's easy to bake a better batch without changing the flavor too much. Simply stir in some quality chopped chocolate.
You may wonder why you need more chocolate in a baked good that already has plenty of cocoa powder or melted chocolate, but chopped solid chocolate adds a more toothsome texture.
Shards of chocolate will melt into perfect little pockets while the brownies bake, and they'll add some textural contrast when they solidify slightly during the cooling process.
Purchase chocolate from a well-respected brand, and pay attention to the cocoa percentage, which will help you understand the richness and sweetness of the chocolate.
If you’d like a nuanced, bittersweet chocolate flavor, try a bar with 60% to 75% cocoa content. A 35% to 50% bar brings more milky and semisweet flavors.
Cut up your chocolate bar or baking chocolate into a size you prefer. For decadent pools of chocolate, go for a large, rough chop, and for a more uniform size, cut it finer.
Fold the pieces into your brownie batter before baking. Once you bake, cool, and slice your brownies, you'll see pockets of delicious chocolate that taste as good as they look.