Sliced pickles on white background.
Moonshine Pickles Are The Boozy Snack You Should Keep Your Eye On
If you just can't get enough of the briny combination of alcohol and pickles, perhaps it's time you become acquainted with moonshine pickles.
Moonshine pickles are a tantalizing blend of fermented cucumbers, spices, brine, and moonshine that can either be sweet and spicy or tangy and tart.
Moonshine pickles are great for adding a kick to sandwiches, elevating a potato salad, garnishing the ultimate Bloody Mary, or making a meat and cheese charcuterie board stand out.
For a quick fix, pour out some brine from a jar of pickles, then add 1 cup of moonshine and a dab of sriracha. Resubmerge the pickles, shake the whole thing, and wait two hours.
You can make your own batch of boozy pickles by combining cucumbers, your favorite pickling spices and herbs, and a full jar of moonshine.
Once these ingredients are mixed together, allow them to infuse for a week in the fridge. You can also add some vinegar or balance its tartness with granulated sugar.
If you'd rather buy them, try Ole Smoky Moonshine's hot & spicy take, The Old Mill Moonshine's classic take, or pickles from Midnight Moon and Dickey Farms.