Rustic homemade rock cakes in a rustic home kitchen setting, Newport, Wales, 2010
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Mookies: The Hybrid Sweet Treat That's Only Limited To Your Imagination
The mookie, a hybrid between a muffin top and a cookie that's loaded with add-ins, is the most delicious way for you to use up leftover baking ingredients.
The flavor of a mookie is like a cookie loaded up with all kinds of toppings, but the texture is like that of a fluffy muffin top, bringing a bit of cakey tenderness.
To ensure your mookie isn't too much like a cookie, look for recipes that include baking powder, and cream the butter and sugar to add air bubbles to the dough and make it fluffy.
The limits of your mookie add-ins are entirely up to individual taste. Leftover candy, nuts, and chocolate are some traditional choices, but don't be afraid to add cereal or granola to the mix.
You can go even bigger with the add-ins like chopped Pocky sticks, instant coffee, or savory treats like potato chip crumbs and pretzel sticks to really clear out your pantry.