A monte cristo sandwich with melted cheese, mustard, meat, and mayonnaise
Monte Cristo Is The Sweet, Savory, And Fried Sandwich You Should Be Aware Of
Similar to the classic croque monsieur, the Monte Cristo is a simple combination of ham, turkey, and Swiss chees, with the bread dipped into an egg mixture and fried on the stove.
The process for making these sandwiches is similar to grilled cheese. White bread works, but challah or any thick slices that can hold their own in an egg mixture work well.
Slather one slice of bread with mayo and the other with mustard, and add the meat and cheese. Dip the whole sandwich in a mixture of eggs, milk, salt, and cinnamon or nutmeg.
Fry the sandwich for a few minutes on each side in a buttered skillet until it's golden brown. Top with a sprinkle of powdered sugar and serve with a side of jam or honey.
You can swap the Swiss for provolone, muenster, or Gruyère, and any sliced meat can be used, including prosciutto, mortadella, pepperoni, or even bologna.
The first true Monte Cristo was likely served in southern California in the 1950s, but Disneyland in 1966 gets credit for making it as popular as it is.