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Mojo Picón: The Spanish Sauce That You Should Start Slathering On Potatoes
Condiments are a great way to kick up the flavor and texture of any dish, but sometimes we get bored of the typical ketchup, mayo, and salt (which is technically a condiment). Next time you think your dish needs some extra flavor, try making some mojo picón, a Spanish sauce that has a spicy kick.
You may be familiar with mojo rojo and mojo verde, two similar Spanish condiments, or the mojo sauces of Cuba and Puerto Rico, but mojo picón is in a class of its own. It’s made by combining picón peppers, cayenne, garlic, salt, cumin, Spanish paprika, red wine vinegar, and sunflower oil using a mortar and pestle.
The resulting sauce is slightly chunky with a spicy, savory flavor, and is usually served with roasted potatoes as a tapas dish. To make mojo picón easily at home, you can mix it in a blender and use easier-to-find ingredients like red jalapeños, sherry vinegar, and olive oil; then, serve the sauce on anything and everything.