Mofongo, mashed  boiled plantains with porc meat, onion. Puerto Rico.  Amazonian cuisine, Peru, Cuba, Fufu de platano, tacaho
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Mofongo: Puerto Rico's Classic Plantain Dish
If you've spent any time in Puerto Rico or are well-versed in Puerto Rican food, then you may have tried mofongo, a flavorful, savory, mashed-plantain dish. This Puerto Rican staple offers flavors and textures that are emblematic of the Caribbean islands and the region’s unique blend of West African heritage and Spanish influences.
While there are variations, mofongo is typically made with green plantains, garlic oil, and fried pork rinds, known as chicharrónes. Green plantains are less sweet but slightly tough, so they have to be fried first to soften them; then all the ingredients are added to a pilón, a small wooden bowl similar to a mortar and pestle.
Layers of fried plantains, chopped garlic in oil, and chicharrón are combined in the pilón until compacted down tightly, and then the dish is gently removed and served on a plate in a nice mound shape. Once finished, mofongo can be topped with cilantro, onion, and a sauce like salsa de tomate, or served alongside a protein, rice, or beans.