Beef Stroganoff with mushroom in iron pan. selective focus. (Photo by: Zoryana Ivchenko/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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Mix Up Your Mushrooms For An Earthier Gravy
Mushroom gravy is an overlooked all-star that can bring savory, meaty flavor to a plate of roasted vegetables, but its earthiness can also balance out the fat and salt of a meaty entree. For best results, spend some time shopping and mix up the mushrooms you use your gravy for an earthier, more complex sauce.
You don’t need to use the most expensive chanterelles to make great mushroom gravy, and a combo of at least two varieties from the grocery store will suffice. Cremini or portobello mushrooms can make a great base, but mixing in meaty porcinis or smokey shiitakes will add that little extra something to pump up the flavor.
Dried mushrooms are also a great way to add more mushroom flavor to gravy, since they have a more concentrated flavor than fresh and easily integrate into sauces. Just think of the difference in flavor between a fresh jalapeño and dried chipotle chiles, and you’ll understand how some dried mushrooms can do you huge favors.